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UGLY Christmas Leggings Perfect for This Holiday Season

Posted by Dawn Gaddis on

UGLY Christmas Leggings

Perfect for 

This Holiday Season

Everyone seems to be looking for Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  Well, we decided to start a new trend, Ugly Christmas Leggings.  Everyone loves when the weather gets cooler because we can comfortably slip back into our leggings.  Seriously, what is more comfy, leggings or jeans?  I vote leggings.  They are stretchy, soft and warm.  Much rather wear them than tight uncomfy jeans any day.  If you are interested in joining the UGLY Christmas Leggings movement, take a look at some of the UGLY Christmas leggings we found.  Can you find any uglier ones?

1. Blue Snowman Leggings -

What does the color Blue have to with Christmas & what would you wear to match them?

2. Goofy Looking Santa Leggings -

Why would anyone want to wear a goofy looking Santa?

3. We are at a loss on these -

Any ideas?

4. Upside Down Leggings -

These could be cute but why is everything upside down?

5. Oh, Christmas Tree Leggings -

Unspeakably UGLY

6. Purple Leggings?

For Christmas? Really!

7. Not Really Sure Leggings?

I think we have a winner!

If you are ready to join the

UGLY Christmas Leggings Movement


We hope you enjoyed a little humor in the rush of the Holidays! 

We just wanted to put a smile on your face and




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