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The Meaning of All Those Mala Beads

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Mala Necklaces and Bracelets are made using wood and/or natural stones or crystals. Each of these components of a Mala have a different feel and power. When choosing a mala for yourself or someone else you will want know what each of the beads represent. 

Listed Below are some of the Most Popular Stones Used in Malas 


  • This is an elemental Earth stone made up of quartz that comprises 12 percent of the Earth’s surface. As such, it’s a very grounding stone, known as the nurturer and loving shield of the gemstones.

    Blue Aventurine

    • This stone is great for communication and being true to yourself. Eliminates fear. Encourages creativity and success in business.

    Green Aventurine

    • The power isn’t solely the manifestation of luck, but also one that helps to align opportunities. It can help you develop a positive outlook, clear insight, and connects you to your emotional and higher self.


      • Creativity, confidence, emotional balance. Malachite can give comfort in times of change and also encourages emotional balance and healing the heart. It helps release negativity and overcome bad habits and behaviors.


      • Also known as the stone of Atlantis, labradorite is the stone of all things mystic, magic, and intuition. This is a great stone to help support anxieties, and can be used when you are faced with turmoil or transformation.

      Moss Agate

      • These beads can vary in color from green to blue. Strengthens self-esteem and balances emotions. Helps develop strength and inspire personal growth. Inspiring. Optimistic. Used by midwives to lessen pain and ease delivery.


      • Also known as the stone of cleansing, turquoise is a natural guard against anything negative that isn’t serving you, your body, or your mind. This bright blue crystal is one of the oldest stones known to humankind, and was used as a talisman by kings, religious leaders, and soldiers.


      • Cleansing and energizing. Inspires love and devotion, balances the sex drive. Courageous. Self-confident. Sharpens perceptions. Removes inhibitions and taboos. This a strong and intense stone.


      • Moonstone is a milky white stone with silver and blue hints when the stone is rotated in light, and essentially the stone of new life cycles. Like the moon cycles (new and full moons), it is strongly connected to energy, intuition, and spirituality: all things love, power, and healing. 

      Rose Quartz

      • Truth. Harmony. Encourages unconditional love. Purifies and opens the heart. Promotes love, self-love, and friendship. Provides comfort in grief. Dispels negativity.


      • With a beautiful deep reddish tone, rosewood offers protection and banishes negative energy. Removes obsticales and helps manifest desires. Promotes healing in yourself and others.


      • Healing, cleansing, vitality, stress relief, emotional healing. Attracts love, pleasure, and happiness. Good for people dealing with or coming out of a long illness. Can be used for good luck.


      • The stone of your deep subconscious, or soul. The stone reflects all things soothing, serene, and powerful. If you are drawn to this stone, you may be called to begin a meditation practice. This stone inspires the ability to trust and to let go.


      • Uplifting and energetic. Inspires success and prosperity. Promotes success in business or personal affairs. Combats negative energy and helps to bring stability. Balances the solar plexus chakra.

      River Stone

      • This stone helps with growth, evolution, and acceptance of change. Culled from moving bodies of water of the world, river stone helps the wearer go with the flow rather than resisting new opportunities or change. It’s thought to have been used by ancient hunters and gatherers as a good luck amulet.

      Lapis Lazuli

      • Promotes inner truth, self-awareness, and self-expression. Stimulates the mind for clear thoughts and ease of decisions. Releases stress and eases depression. Balances the throat chakra.

      White Howlite

      • Helps to increases memory and desire to learn. Patient. Calm. Positive. Expands horizons and opens the mind to new knowledge. Improves memory and facilitates learning. Fights overactive minds and insomnia. Good for people who are angry and disappointed. Balances the third eye chakra.


      Memory enhancer, motivator, tranquilizer. Protective. Balancing. Enhances memory. Relieves insomnia. Soothes and counteracts negative emotions like stress, anxiety, sadness, grief. Good for people dealing with high stress, anxiety, and depression. Also helpful for people dealing with addictions. Makes a nice gift for travelers and soldiers, as it’s said to protect from harm and attack. Stimulates the third eye chakra.

      Tigers Eye

      Protecting and grounding stone. Increases confidence, helps to recognize talent and faults. Inspires you to accomplish goals.

      Smoky Quartz

      Helps in relieving stress, brings serenity and strength during difficult times, neutralizes negative energy. Detoxifier. Grounding. Stimulates the base chakra.

      Crazy Lace Agate

      Calming bead, fosters self-acceptance and self-confidence. Clears energy blockage and brings vitality to the organs. Encourages concentration and focus. Absorbs emotional pain.


        Protects against negativity and negative energy. Clears confusion and promotes clarity. Stabilizes. Insightful. Stimulates growth, compassion, and strength. Helps dissolve emotional blocks from past trauma.

        Clear Quartz

        Amplifies other crystals and heals, drawing off negative energy. Cleanses the mind and body. Extremely beneficial for meditation.

          Malas make the perfect gift. They have meaning, they are beautiful and the newest fashion rage.  There is no wrong way to choose the perfect mala for yourself or someone special. Go with your intuition. You know that gut feeling you get when you know it's right. Let your inner voice coming through loud and clear. When you hear this voice, LISTEN, it’s your intuition talking! Your intuition will guide you on this journey.  

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          Let Your Intuition Guide You!


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