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What are the Best Healing Natural Stones and Crystals for Women Over 40?

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The Best Crystal for Women Over 40

As we age we tend to have more stress and aliments in our lives. If you are like most of us you are looking for a natural way to help you cope with all the stress and emotional turmoil of everyday living. Healing crystals can help you feel more balanced.  The vibrations from these stones can help in a variety of ways. 



Amethyst is actually a type of quartz with a deep purple hue which comes in colors ranging from purple to wine. Amethyst has long been used to relieve hangovers and cure drunkenness. It also helps connect with your own spirituality, cutting through the illusion and enhances psychic ability. 


Turquoise is one of the most powerful stones for protection. It helps to increases internal calmness and eases depression, fears, exhaustion and anxiety. It is a stone found to help with friendship and love. Turquoise has a calm effect when you need to speak in public. It helps people express themselves and aids in creative problem solving. This powerful stone can also stimulate our intuition and is often used in meditation.


Green Aventurine


Green Aventurine can help the wearer lighten up and be more playful. This is the stone needed to help shift into a more playful money mindset. Green Aventurine help remind you to keep it light and fun while abundance follows you.



Citrine is the stone to help dispel negative energy and brings the wearer enlightenment, optimism, warmth along with clarity.  It never needs to be cleansed, or recharged. It is full of warm optimistic energy. It is a type of quartz which comes from iron in a golden honey color, Gold crystals are known to bring success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power to you.


Rose Quartz 

The soft, soothing energy that emits from rose quartz helps to breathe easier just by looking at it. This is an amazing stone for all the women out there who feel that the roles and responsibilities in their lives have drowned out their feminine energy. It helps to get you back in touch with your feminine side. The properties of compassion, forgiveness and self-appreciation that rose quartz infuses with in your heart Chakra can help to shift out negative mindsets, and embrace your true power. Rose quartz is the ideal healing stone for inspiring a spectrum of loving energies, from self-love and passionate love to love for humanity. 


Tiger’s Eye

If you need of to shift your perspective, look no further than a piece made from Tigers Eye. This multidimensional stone reminds us that there isn’t only one way to get things done. When we look at a situation from one point of view for too long, we get tunnel vision. Connect with the energy of Tiger’s Eye to see the situation through a fresh pair of eyes. It reminds you that there are multiple ways and paths to find financial success.


Howlite is a white stone with wispy veins of gray. This humble mineral helps with calming an overactive or troubled mind. It can also aid in dispelling fear, resentment, anxiety, and anger, replacing these feelings with gentle self-awareness. It is known as a stone of wisdom and compromise. By wearing Howlite it can help with learning to communicate difficult issues. 



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