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8 Simple Steps to Create a Pinterest Business Account

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When you are a Brand or Business you will want to take advantage of the features Pinterest offers by creating a Pinterest Business account. Not only do you want to create a Business account you want to Optimize the account for your Brand or Business.

You may be asking yourself, “how do I do that?”

Well, lucky for you, you found this tutorial to help you create and optimize your business account on Pinterest.

Set up your Pinterest Business Account. Simply go to Pinterest.com and click on “Create a business account“. You will want to use your business name and create a user name, preferably your business name.

Pick the language you use and the country you are located in on the next screen.

Enter your business profile name. Don’t get too creative but do try to incorporate your main keyword is in your profile name. Pinterest also wants to know a little about what type of business you will be creating Pins for.

Enter you website address. By doing so you will have a set of tools to help you gain insight into what Pins are working and which are not.

Connect your other business Social Media accounts. If you are selling products on Etsy you will be able to connect your Etsy Shop here.

Set up for advertising on Pinterest. If you select I’m not sure or No I’m not planning on advertising, you will be able change this in your business settings later.

Follow a Topic — For a Pinterest Business account Pinterest requires that you follow at least 1 topic. You can find a topic related to your Brand or Business and follow it.

Have fun and create your first Pin.

After Creating Your Pinterest Business Account

Once your business account is created you will want to go into your business settings and add a few additional items. You can do this by simply clicking on the … in the top right hand corner and dropping down to “Settings”.

Under “Profile” you will upload your Logo or an image that represents your business. Pinterest profile images are cropped to a circle (165 x 165 pixels). You will want to choose a picture or logo image that can be centered correctly.

Write a tagline or short description of your brand or business in the “About You” section. Make sure to use phrases that include keywords related to your brand or business and the type of content you plan to share.

If you have an actual Brick and Mortar location you can enter that information in “Location” or you can just leave it blank.

Claim your website with Pinterest. Pinterest has easy to follow instructions for verifying using several different methods. All you have to do is choose the method that best fits with the way your website is configured and hosted.

Claim your Instagram, YouTube and Etsy Accounts, if you have them.

Under the “Notifications” section you can edit which notifications you would like to receive.

Under the “Social Networks” section you will be able to connect your Facebook Page, Google+ and Gmail account, if you have them.

Once you have set up your Pinterest Business account you are ready to start Promoting your Brand or Business on Pinterest. Start creating amazing Pins and getting the traffic you deserve to your content.


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