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Creating Amazing Pins for Pinterest

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Pinterest users are scrolling Pinterest quickly which means you only have about a second or two to catch their attention. How do you do that? With an engaging Pin. You will want to make sure your Pin is engaging enough to have them click on it and the description should be engaging enough to have them follow thru to your website. Often, people will click on an engaging Pin even if they aren’t looking for that specific article or product. If your Pin is compelling enough they may click on it, read your article or view your product, and re-pin your Pin.

Here are some numbers you may be interested in.

  1. On average each Pin on Pinterest is worth $0.78 in sales.
  2. Each Pin drives 2 visitors to you site.
  3. A Pinterest visitor on average will view 6 pages on your site.
  4. Most Pins is re-pinned on average 10 times.

I have not been able to get these kinds of results from Facebook or Instagram, have you? I am not talking about Promoted Pins or paid advertising on Pinterest, I am talking about any Pin you Pin to your boards.

But in order to get these amazing results with this type of engagement for your business, you must begin creating amazing Pins and executing them correctly.

Consider Pinterest is a visual search engine. If you post amazing Pins with crisp clear graphics and interesting content people will be more likely click on them. The image draws them in, the description gets them to click to your site and the landing page you send them to will get them to continue looking while on your site. Just like with any search engine you will also want to make sure your pins are searchable, we will discuss this in SEO for Pinterest.

Before you start your Pinning Empire you need to understand what people on Pinterest are searching for and learn how to create popular Pins.

What are the most popular searches on Pinterest?

  1. Food & Drinks
  2. Do It Yourself & Crafts
  3. Home Decor
  4. Women’s Fashion
  5. Weddings
  6. Design
  7. Hair & Beauty
  8. Arts
  9. Kids
  10. Photography
  11. Humor
  12. Holiday Events
  13. Education
  14. Travel
  15. Film, Music, Books
  16. Health & Fitness
  17. Products & Product Research
  18. Animals
  19. Celebrities
  20. Architecture
  21. Gardening
  22. Illustration & Posters
  23. Outdoors
  25. Men’s Fashion

As you can see the search-ability on Pinterest reaches a wide range of categories. This list only contains the top 25 searches, the list is extremely long.

Images That Work

Your images are the cornerstone of any and all Pins you publish on Pinterest. You will want to make sure your Pins are a clear representation of your Brand or Product.

The most popular Pins on Pinterest have the same qualities and you will want to make sure your images include these.

  1. Clear high resolution images are more visually appealing and professional looking.
  2. Long, vertical pins are more appealing than short pins.
  3. Lighter images are pinned up to 20 times more often than dark images.
  4. Clear, readable text overlays are important to explain what the pin is about.
  5. Images without faces get re-pinned up o 23% more than images with faces.
  6. Simple crisp photos highlight the message of your Pins.

Optimal Pin Size

All Pinterest Pins have the same width (736 pixels) and the length for a Pin is unlimited. I have found the optimal size for a Pin is 736 x 1102 pixels. With this size the Pin isn’t to large but it also isn’t to small. With that being said if you are creating a Pin which is 600 x 600 pixels your Pin may be overlooked more often than a Pin which is a little larger.

There are several free services to resize your images. The program I prefer is PicMonkey and running a close second is Canva. They are both free to use. You get a lot more options with the paid version but give them both a try before paying for either.

If you are Pinning an instructo-graphic you may realize a longer length works better. These Pins are used to promote Do It Yourself and How To Pins in nature. Which, of course, is the second most popular group on Pinterest.

Best Times to Pin

The best time to Pin will depend on your audiences habits. You should test for your optimal posting time. But, as a general rule, the best times are between 2 pm — 4 pm EST and again between 8 pm — 1 am EST. Another great time is Saturday mornings.

How to Get Your Pins Seen and Shared — Optimizing Your Pins

Once you have created your amazing work of art with the perfect photo it is time to get your Pin out so the world can see it. You will need to Optimize your Pin so that the people who would be interested in it can find it. No one will see your work of art unless you optimize it for engagement. 

See our blog on SEO for Pinterest to learn more!


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