How Can Evergreen Content Boost Traffic?

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You may be wondering "what is Evergreen content".  Evergreen content is content that never really goes away, it is not specific for a season or a year, it is always relevant.
  • Evergreen content that is interesting to readers and continues to be relevant long past its publication date.
  • Content which has virtually no expiration date and retains it value over the long-term.
  • Popular content that stays on top of Pinterest searches.
  • You can potentially get traffic for months or years without actively doing anything with the content or Pin.
  • When your content is shared or saved it continues to grow and stay on top.
  • Your content or Pin will remain on top of Pinterest until activity slows.
  • Product Reviews
  • Lists
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Instructional How To Tutorials or Videos

These structures tend to work when you are wanting to create Evergreen Content on your website or blog. Although creating this content does not automatically make it an evergreen piece of content, these do tend to stick around longer than others.

The best form of Evergreen Content is videos. Videos are an extremely effective way to illustrate how to do something. If videos are not your cup of tea, consider using a series of images, illustrations, diagrams or graphs to your advantage. These images can all be combined into a video and all you have to do is a voice over explaining the information you are presenting.

Ideas for Evergreen Content

Some of the best ideas for Evergreen Content are as old as can be. These are the things we as humans are most interested in.

  • Love and Romance
  • Food and Recipes
  • Financing and Saving Money
  • Parenting and Parenting Advice
  • Weight Loss and Fitness
  • Jobs and Careers
  • Pets and Pet Care

Of course not every Brand can have this type of content be relevant to there business, so sometimes you have to think out of the box.

Examples of Evergreen Content (out of the box)

  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Top 10 Swimsuits for (the year)
  • How to Wear a Blanket Scarf
  • How to Tie a Bow Tie
  • Shop the Look
  • Office Supplies
  • How to keep your desk organized
  • Top 10 Pens for (the year)
  • Landscaping Business
  • Top 10 Evergreens for Georgia
  • How to take care of (a certain plant)
  • Best Fertilizer to Use on (whatever)

Sometimes it may feel like the best Evergreen Content has already been covered, even excessively covered. The key is to go more in depth and add a unique view point to the information you are providing. Look for long-tail keywords that have volume but not high competition.

Combine Sustainable Content with Popular Keywords

Consider basing your Evergreen content around keywords you’d like your site to rank for. Make sure to do your keyword research because the Evergreen content you create will not be worth much if people aren’t searching for your keywords. Evergreen content is a very valuable part of your content marketing strategy so make sure you are following the basic SEO techniques, keyword optimization, image’s alt text and social share buttons. The more search friendly your Evergreen Article is the more it will be seen, shared and linked which mean the more traffic you will be driving towards it for months or even years.

Useful Tips for Creating Evergreen Content

  • People are not interested in getting Evergreen Content from a technical or expert writer. So, in saying that, you don’t have to write your content like an expert. Your audience will primarily be beginners and you want to generate content for them.
  • With your content being aimed towards beginners you will need to avoid using overly technical language, this will scare them and they will look for something they are able to understand. So, stick with a more simple, beginner wording.
  • Make sure your topic is narrowed down. If your topic is too broad your piece will be too long and your reader will lose interest quickly. Always remember “Keep it Simple Stupid” — A phrase I have heard all my life.
  • Link posts together. If you find your Evergreen Content is long break it down into different sections and link them all together. Take “The Marketing Oasis” for example. When I started this blog it was because I wanted to help small brands promote themselves on Pinterest. That would have been to much for just one article so I have broken it down into several. Someone can search for a specific area or they can read all the posts covering Pinterest for Business.
  • With Evergreen Content look for ways to put a different spin on the same content. Try reaching for a new audience by creating an infograph with the same content. Change your images on Pins to target a different audience. Reword your Pin to, of course, target a different audience.

A Final Note

Evergreen Content is a very valuable way to get traffic to your site, but not all of your content should be Evergreen Content. You need to drive traffic to your site with a mixture of Evergreen Content and also topical articles. Topical articles are related to your events happening now, such as, products offered, your opinion on an event, a sale you are having, etc.



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