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How to Remove the Special Instructions for Seller Box on Your Themes Checkout Page in Shopify

Posted by Dawn Gaddis on

Are you looking for a way to remove the annoying "Special Instructions for Seller" Box on your Shopify store's Checkout or Cart page?  I was unable to find a tutorial on how to do this, so I tried a few things in the code and was able to make that nasty box go away. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how I removed the box.

  • Step 1 - Under the "Sales Channels" click on the "Online Store" Tab.
  • Step 2 - Click on "Actions"
  • Step 3 - Click on "Edit Code"
  • Step 4 - Under "Templates" Click on "cart.liquid"


  • Step 5 - Inside the "cart.liquid", you can search by clicking "Ctrl F" to pull up the search bar. Inside of the search bag enter "special".
  • Step 6 - Once you find the code containing the word "special" (the code should look similar to this)
  • Step 7 - You will want to highlight the code below, make sure you leave the <footer> section and only highlight the code between the <div> for the "Special Instructions" section.
  • Step 8 - Delete or Cut the code associated with the "Special Instructions" section. I would suggest cut the code and inserting a few blank lines. By doing this if you have cut the wrong section you can go back in and reinsert the code you removed and try again.
  • Step 9 - Click the "Save" button.
  • Step 10 - Go to your website and add an item to your cart, go to view cart. If the box is gone, you did it correctly. Make sure everything else looks correct. If so, congratulations, you removed that annoying box. Otherwise, you will need to go back and reinsert the code you cut from the cart.liquid.

I found this trick and wanted to share it with others who are looking to get rid of the "Special Instructions" box. If this doesn't work for you, I am sorry, you may want to contact a Shopify Guru. It worked for me using the "Simple" Shopify Theme.


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