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The Simpliest Way to Get Pins Directly from Your Website!

Posted by Dawn Gaddis on

Pinterest has made it easy for you to engage your customers with the Pinterest “Save” Button. With the “Save Button” your potential customers and clients can save your website’s content directly to boards on their Pinterest account. The Pinterest logo will appear on your website’s images. Your website visitors simply click on the logo to save your content directly to their Pinterest boards.

Did you know, every time someone uses the “Save” button they are adding more content to Pinterest? And the content they are adding is yours. When content is added to Pinterest that means other pinners will see that Pin. This in turn helps boost your impressions on Pinterest. Impressions on Pinterest drive traffic to your site because the people who are interest in your content will click to your site.

After adding the “Save” button to your site you can see what content people like and also track what pinners are saving from your site with “Pinterest Analytics”. Pinterest Analytics is only available on Pinterest Business Accounts.

Pinterest has made it easy for you to add the “Save Button” to any website.

Types of Save Buttons Available

Currently there are two types of “Save Buttons” available

  1. Automatic — With the automatic button a clickable Pinterest logo appears on every image on your site automatically.
  2. Hover — With the hover button a clickable logo appears when someone hovers over an image.

Pinterest allows you to configure the buttons size, shape and color to match your website’s look and feel. But, I would suggest sticking with the image people have grown accustom to seeing when it comes to Pinterest.

To read more and to learn how to install the Pinterest “Save Button” visit Pinterest’s “Save Button for websites” section. And simply follow the directions.


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