Why Does Your Brand Need A Pinterest Business Account?

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Pinterest Marketing Made Simple

Are you looking for a new way to promote your Brand and increase your reach online?

Do you have a blog or online store you want to drive traffic to?

Do you have a super amazing product or idea you want to get in front of people so they can see it and possibly purchase from you?

Have you tried Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with no luck?

Well, meet your new Best Friend “PINTEREST“.

Pinterest start out being a DIYers dream come true. A place where they could go to find all kinds of do-it-yourself ideas, tips, tricks and instructions. Pinterest has since become a search engine like no other.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. When a user types in a search Pinterest shows images related to the search. This is unlike Google, Bing, Yahoo or the many other search engines available. More and more people are turning to Pinterest to find information about everything. They are also using to find and purchase all types of products, both digital and physical, ranging from handmade to every day items.

Now, don’t you think you should be a part of this new search engine?

With the high cost and low ROI on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter everyone is looking for a better, more cost effective way to get there information and products out to people who are truly interested in them.

Here are some of the numbers (they will amaze you):

– Pinterest Pins are more than 100 times more spreadable and shareable than a tweet.

– The lifetime of a Pin is 1600 X longer than a Facebook post.

I have discovered that with the new Facebook and Instagram algorithm that my posts are not seen as regularly as in the past, my friends and the people who like my business page on facebook have stated they are not seeing my posts any longer. I have watched my number of views drastically drop in the past year. Facebook does not consider your business posts as being relevant unless you are consistently getting activity, shares and comments. Both Facebook and Instagram want businesses to pay for advertising, it is no longer as simple as creating a post and linking it back to you website.

I started my adventure on Pinterest about a year and a half ago. The numbers from Pinterest were slow in the beginning, but the more Pins I created and Posted the more traffic I began to see. Pinterest has become my most profitable platform to date. I receive more visits to my website from the Pins I create than all the other platforms combined. On average, visitors to my website from Pinterest is around 75% of all traffic. And out of that 75% who do visit they seem to stay longer and purchase more. Which makes me do a “Happy Dance” since I am a small online business.

Pinterest has become the most ideal platform for business marketing for a good reason. There has been a 27% increase of Fortune 500 companies creating business accounts and marketing on Pinterest. That is a good indication that your business should also join the other 700,000,00 + users.

The real strength of Pinterest is the intergrated features of their business accounts. They already have over 500,000 businesses using Pinterest to promote their blogs, sites and products. Don’t you think you should too?

When you create a business account you have the ability to promote your brand with “Promoted Pins“. You are also able to link your Pins back to your website, creating backlinks, which helps with your SEO rankings on search engines. If you sale a product or service you have the ability to tag these products or services directly from your Pin. This means when someone clicks on your Pin they are taken directly to that product or service on your website. They no longer have to search for the item they are interested in.

If you don’t already have a Pinterest Business Account you will want to set one up. The process is extremely simple and will be well worth the effort.


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